upholstery 2.0 update

a few thoughts while waiting for my turn on the scary industrial sewing machine:

  •  Mad Dog's wife is still pregnant. and miserable (his word, not mine)
  • Paul Jr joined us - he's his apprentice at work, will be starting his own adult ed class and looks JUST LIKE Paul but with better tattoos
  •  PA Patty actually shared tonight. she still pilfered but was quasi-generous with her tape measure (she waited next to Nurse Jackie while she measured - I can only imagine it was to make sure she didn't pocket it)
  • Nurse Jackie comes dressed in scrubs each night and I'm a little jealous of her progress. she covered the seat of her chair with the prettiest blue and white coral print fabric. I'm still on muslin...
  • Farmer Ted spent 2 of the 3 hours last night making 17 buttons for the seat back of his rocking chair. I think I understand why it's taken him 4 sessions to get as this far
  •  the one and only (scary) sewing machine has been acting up which means I may have to make my double welting at home <gulp>
  •  I found out there's only 2 more classes after tonight (not 3). the lady with the settee doesn't seem worried. I'm screwed.