tis the hockey / holiday season

heads-up: I will be a curmudgeon for the next 3-4 months. not all the time but at least 3 days a week. the (senior) boy woke himself up at 4:15a this morning for his first tryout and can thankfully drive himself now. the (freshman) girl had it easy today and was on the ice at 4:00p. but starting tomorrow, I will become involved in this early morning nightmare as the girl's chauffeur when she begins her early morning practices. technically they're on the ice, at different rinks, by 5:00a and off by 6:15a but you have to get to the rink with plenty of time to get your gear on.

I always had plans to stay up and get stuff done - seize the day, quiet 'me time' etc but all I really end up doing is delivering the child to the rink and either sleeping in my car or coming home and going back to bed. the problem with coming home is that you never really fall back to sleep for fear you won't hear your alarm and she'll be standing at the rink which will make her angrier than her average teenage angst.

tomorrow will be different. I vow tomorrow to get up and stay up. I will shower and be productive. I will pump caffeine as needed thru out the day and try my best not to snap at people. I can do this. (but you've been warned)