upholstery 2.0.7

I showed up an hour late to class tonight and was shocked to see all 8 tables occupado. there's only been one other time the whole group showed but I was there early (my usual M.O.) and had a prime table/stapler spot. tonight, I set up on a folding table and waited 30 minutes for a stapler.

note to Brookline Adult Ed - when there are 8 tables in the allotted classroom there should be 8 (not 9) students, 8 (not 6) working staplers and it should not take 3 weeks to replace the standard issue light bulb at the scary sewing machine work space.

lots of fabric happening tonight for everyone - except PA Patty. fabric is the only thing she's purchased for this class and she spent her night scrounging for burlap scraps and panicking about foam - the cast off pieces she took from the closet are too small for her chair seat.

good news - Farmer Ted brought in the other runner for his rocker. I was worried he was spending the better part of 4 sessions on a lop-sided crazy-ass rocking chair. tonight I happened to notice that not only does he wear suspenders AND a belt but he tucks both (2??) of his t-shirts into his underwear. underwear that is visible despite his double efforts to keep his pants up. somehow I equated his appearance with eating a Swanson's frozen dinner on a TV tray all by himself for Thanksgiving and I couldn't help myself - I asked him what his plans were for next week with every intention of inviting him chez nous for some real turkey. turns out Mrs Farmer Ted makes a mean stuffing and he's all set. lesson learned (again): don't judge an over-accessorized book by its cover.

despite the less than ideal conditions, I kicked some upholstery butt. I covered the seat in fabric and have my double welting ready to go. yikes! one more class.