card art '11

I started my annual 'chaos on the counter' holiday card extravaganza late this year (read: 5 days before christmas) but they're on their way and I'm pretty proud of myself. after last year's rubber cement holiday high I thought I'd try a different kind of adhesive.

a few card art '11 stats:

  • there were only 2 'dry-runs' before this one
  • it usually takes 4-6 versions to get the mechanics right
  • it was sent as a horizontal card because of the photo
  • I prefer it vertically
  • 1 full bobbin of thread will get you 40 cards
  • there are white dots on the vellum - I used the wrong side
  • this is actually the design for card art '12
  • I couldn't find the right materials for '11 - it'll happen next year
  • card art '13 is already figured out in my head