A to Z in photos

tomorrow begins my latest craftyass installment in my 'no mom left behind' campaign - I've committed to an A-Z in daily photos in Souvenir Foto School with Besotted Blog and Creatocrat: "you will be shooting a photograph a day for 30 days, using the alphabet as your guide. you can use nouns or adjectives, theme it or not. you can use any camera you have available, mix and match cameras (we won't mind) but we need you to shoot every. single. day." we get 4 'free' days if something comes up. I can tackle the alphabet in any order I choose, with any theme, and doctor them up in an app or photoshop if I'd like. I have to upload my photo (likely taken with my iPhone) into the flickr group by midnight PST each day. I'm a little nervous about getting this done each day but I'm up for the challenge. I've been wracking my brain with ideas for themes - it was suggested that it might be more manageable if a theme or thread is applied. there are 50 of us in the group and a few ideas tossed around so far are:

  • food and drink
  • still life
  • the five senses
  • patterns
  • weddings
  • colors
  • cameras - aperture, bokeh, composition, diptych etc

I have no theme as of yet (and refuse to use 'hockey') but I hope to post the final result each day. stay tuned...

*artwork made with free elements from Design Editor (glitter letters), fuzzimo (polaroid frames & tape brush) check 'em out!