impromptu field trip

during winter break my youngest daughter was in a hockey tournament in connecticut with an unusual schedule - only one game on the 2nd day and finished by 9:30am. there's not a lot to do in scenic waterbury so most of her team planned to spend the day in NYC and she was desperate to go and have her own adventure so we sorted out the train schedule, mapped our walk and we were off.our first stop was Rockefeller Center for a glimpse of the tree (1) which is all you'll really get this time of year with the mass of humanity that clogs the sidewalks. we skimmed past Radio City Music Hall (2) on the way to MoMA (deserving of its own post). after a heavy dose of culture and art we headed out and accidentally walked straight thru Times Square (3 & 4 - both by taken by Abby) on our way to Mood (5) - the Project Runway fabric mecca. we swung by the public library for a quick visit with Patience and Fortitude (6) before heading back to grand central where we dined, under the stars, in the grand concourse. had I spent 2 weeks planning a visit it would have fallen flat but our impromptu field trip to NYC was a perfect whirlwind and a day neither of us will soon forget.