{almost done with} A to Z

I'm REALLY behind in posting. I apologize. I know all 3 of my readers have been waiting with baited breath. I have to admit I've had trouble sticking with this all month long - the photos & the blog - but I'm glad I stuck with it. I would love to try this again in a greener, warmer month (maybe may?) and when we're not booked solid with hockey games. oh - and I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with my DSLR camera and if I had to guess I'd say it's the light meter so I've been using my iPhone for everything.

here's round up of the photos I've taken and not posted:

H is for hockey diptic- we're in the final stretch now D is for doggy bag - that boxer puppy has no business being stuffed in that bag X is for xtreme wine consumption - oenophile should really start with X N is for netminder - Jack's career is nearing its end <sniff> M is for moon - in the morning, over our house F is for Faith - friend and fan who froze all weekend long while she visited