{E} in A to Z

E is for enjoying the weather today. it nearly reached 60* in boston, the sun was shining and people were jogging in shorts & t-shirts! I went from harvard square to kendall square this afternoon and had no problem parking outside and walking to my meeting. E - exposed bricks

iPhone 4 / perfectlyclr app / square crop in PS5

so I've missed a few "new to me / new to you?" posts - I had really hoped to get this up and running as a regular friday post but I've fallen behind. actually, only behind in writing it up - I've got some gems for you and will try my best to get them up. if you're interested in a SUPER EASY photo editing app, perfectly clear is the way to go. it's worth every penny of the $2.99 cost. no fussing, no adjusting just upload and watch what happens.