{G} in A to Z

G is for getting up and going. lulu's friend is in from chicago (yes, she's the daughter of my friend) and we're swamped with hockey games this weekend for all three kids but we were determined to fit some non-rink time in. we quickly decided to head into boston to the MFA in between games to soak in as much culture as we could possibly fit in a 2.5 hour window. G is for gigantic and gorgeous. I had no idea how big the MFA was after the extensive renovations and re-opening. we were lost several times (yes, we had a map) but enjoyed every wrong turn we took. I hated to race through and have promised the girls we'd go back and spend an afternoon or evening leisurely enjoying all the rooms.

G - green glass. a section of the Dale Chihuly 'lime green icicle tower' reflected in the black granite base. and no, the resemblance to my seagrass studio logo is not lost on me.

iPhone 4 / unfiltered and unprocessed / cropped in PS5