{I} in A to Z

I - is for intruder. we were up in bedford this morning for Abby's hockey game and the rink is down the street from Hanscom Air Force Base. one of the parents on our team thought we were having car trouble when they spotted us on the side of the road. another parent thought I might have problems photographing a military base. 'interdit' is french for 'forbidden' - I'll let you know if they come after me. I - is for initiative to get this out of the way today. I didn't want to be worrying about getting a stupid "S is for Super Bowl snacks" shot this afternoon during the game and I'm trying really hard to keep a sense of cohesion to the group of photographs. you know - keeping it classy. I want for each of these to be something I would enjoy regardless of the group or assignment.

I is for intersections, industrial, interloper, 'interdit'

iPhone 4 / iDarkroom crop and Cross Process