{L} in A to Z

L - is for a long way to go for hockey. jack's first playoff game was on the cape at 5:30 pm which meant we had to leave the house by 3:30. and by now you know that I have to take a photo going over the bridge. every. single. time. tonight was no exception but this time it was the bourne bridge, not the sagamore. the view really isn't all that different but the time of day afforded a great shot with the setting sun. L - is for non-losing (play along please). the boys won their game in a 6-0 stomping and have advanced to the quarterfinals. I tried to get a shot on the way home with my new app slowshutter which would have been really cool with the lights but I never took the time to check the settings and apparently it wasn't set to 'autosave' and I have no homecoming shot.

L is for leading lines, lovely sun and long drive

iphone shot, hefe (maybe?) filter in instagram with extra boost for good measure

 the photo below left is the original with a square crop - the photo on the right is b&w in snapseed with a little extra grain

PS - the mullet lives on for another couple days as they play again thursday night. guess where we'll be driving to...