new to me | new to you?

I come across some pretty neat things in my ongoing virtual education. I thought I'd pass along some of the highlights in the spirit of 'no mom left behind'

  • if you're interested in flea marketing/thrifting there's an app for that (we here call it crap hunting)
  • I'm very grateful to have found this blog (this post in particular)
  • LOVE this Valentine's Day card on etsy - very clever.
  • no more waiting until a sunny saturday morning in my bathroom with this setup to photograph my 'wares' for the shoppe

while we're talking about photos - there are a gazillion photo editing apps and I've been trying out a few in my souvenir foto class*:

  • PS Express (free, although I feel like I paid for it last year) - I do all my contrast/exposure adjusting in here first. super easy and very intuitive
  • Camera+ (free) - nice features and tons of effects but I haven't used it in awhile
  • Luminance ($0.99) - not intuitive but nice effects and you can see the history of the processes/actions you've used
  • iDarkroom (free) - so far my favorite and the only one that will create bokeh

iDarkroom has a multitude of ways to edit your photo - textures, adjust saturation & contrast, action sets (think: Instagram), tilt shift and blur and within each and every adjustment you can control how much of that particular effect you'd like with an easy slider. plus, you can upload to a bunch of sharing sites including tumblr, flickr and evernote.

I'm sure there's more that I read / bookmarked / or pinned but it's friday and I can't remember. cheers! * stay tuned for the AtoZ photo of the day