{U} in A to Z

U is for the usual ride in to work with an unusual sight. I spotted the sneakers strung on the wire as I drove thru allston and figured I take the photo on the way home. only 3 blocks later I was kicking myself so I turned right, then right again, ran into a one-way, u-turned to get on to the next street, over-shot the suspended sneakers, etcetera. I finally found a spot to pull over directly across the street, rolled my window down and took 3 quick shots with my iPhone. I ended up at work only a few minutes later than normal, no passersby questioned my photo taking and I'm pretty pleased with myself. it reminds me of the movie Holes. U is for ugh - apparently, this is a sign used to indicate that a drug dealer lives/works in the area. probably not the best idea I've had in awhile.

U - is for up

iPhone 4 / PS5 for extreme crop and adjusted curves