{way behind} in A to Z

I'm behind in posts but not in photos (ok fine. I took one day off) so I thought I'd post a bunch here.

to catch you all up to speed, I spent the weekend in chicago and attended the infant welfare society fundraiser on saturday so by the time we finally ate dinner (at 8:30 PM) we were wiped out. I snagged a quick photo of my glass of prosecco {P} (left) that night but I made up for it on sunday with my favorite photo so far {O} for Over Chicago (bottom). I took monday off and snapped a quick {V} yesterday for Valentine's pasta (right).

all images taken with my iPhone and run thru instagram (can't remember the filters)

hopefully I won't fall behind anymore but as I type this, it's almost 6:30PM on wednesday and I haven't even posted my photo of the day in the flickr group. to thank you for your patience, here's another {O} for orbit from my flight on sunday. the window seat was worth it for the photos I got!