{Y} in A to Z

Y - is for yearning for spring. seriously. I'm ready and with the ridiculously unseasonal weather we've had all winter long it's been a big tease. there's a small part of me that's waiting for the other shoe to drop. if it's been this warm, without any measurable snow, what's the summer going to be like? drought? as someone with a well, drought is a dirty word. dirty because I can't do laundry like a normal person without worrying about the water level. Y - is for young, green shoots freezing their buds off (get it? buds - butts). I walk by these hydrangea bushes every day on my way to and from the parking garage in harvard square. I've adopted them as my own - I enjoy them without any of the work - and my heart leapt when I spotted these green buds last week. today it started snowing. with up to 6" expected by tomorrow. keep your fingers crossed that these blooms happen.

Y is for yin & yang / winter & spring

iPhone with 'manual' focus / boost & hefe filter in instagram

Y - is also for yet again. I've joined yet another virtual group of creative and inspiring people from around the globe. today is the last day in february (happy leap day) and the last day in the souvenir foto school and I will miss this. each day I was challenged to think, to see and to create. each day I anxiously awaited feedback on my photo in the group. each day I enjoyed checking in our flickr group to see who had posted what. we're an odd bunch with very different styles and with different cameras (phones even) and yet somehow, our two directors found creative and constructive things to say based on our level of experience. we all supported each other and I've made new 'friends' - one is even in the boston area and I'd love to meet up. this online virtual education is pretty great. #NoMomLeftBehind