this weekend:

on deck this weekend - some serious hockey. I'll be going across the bourne bridge for the girls' varsity semi-final state game so you know there'll be a kickass shot again. I have to take it. every. single. time.

abby will have her last u14 game for the season. not a major milestone but we're all about equal air time chez swartz so play along s'il vous plait.

lastly, I've got some serious de-cluttering and decontaminating in the studio this weekend. now that the basement is finished and the dust will no longer be filtering through the entire house I can confidently clean up and set up. I've got 2 necklaces to paint and I'm itching to get started on my decoupage assembly line.

I figure if I post it here, I'll be held accountable and follow through - I'll report back on monday.

PS - my photo of foggy bourne bridge circa jan 2, 2011 with a faux instagram action in photoshop