a post-felt post

not sure how many times I can use the word 'felt' this week but giving it the college try. so you knit a bag, left the loose twigs and felted it - now what?? I'm not sure why I save the twigs but I can't bring myself to discard them. I'm pro-recycling but I'm no 'reduce your house waste to zero' fanatic. I guess I just loved the twisted, heathered colors in special, little shapes. back in 2004 I took a pair of my kids' old jeans (size 4T) and fashioned them into a purse (I'll try to get that post up next week) and I was left with the 2 legs. again, I couldn't bring myself to discard them (surprise, surprise)

add to that a growing collection of fabric - I have pants that no longer fit (hrumph!), shirts with tears, leftovers from reconfigured curtains (remember? we've been in 8 houses) or little swatches collected as potential projects/slipcovers/curtains... add to all this the little kids' clothes that I couldn't hand-me-down or donate for the same reasons and I've amassed a serious assortment. (ok. fine. it's a sickness.) it's a shame I don't have the patience for quilting.

anyhoo... I figured out a way to use all these scraps. PINS!

three or four layers of flower-shaped denim, stitched together (I throw it in the wash to roughen them up) and then jazz 'em up with the felted twigs, fabric covered buttons (or rhinestones or an earring you can't find the mate to) and voila! I add a clip in case I have something I don't want to stick with a pin.

don't have decades of scraps and materials lying about? I've added these gems to the shop!