I'm looking for the next 'no mom left behind' thing. a new group or class. live or virtual. it all started with my upholstery class last spring. learning something new, being part of a group, putting myself out there. when it was finished I had a fabulous trash-to-treasure chair and an itch for more.

next up was my first virtual class - the girls' guide to web design - I was hooked. I didn't realize how much I missed being in a 'classroom' and it felt good to be part of a 'community'. the facebook group for the inaugural web design class is still active - we no longer have amanda chiming in with her guidance but the 70+ classmates all offer feedback, suggestions and problem solve for each other. need help with certain CSS style rules? send out a request. can't get your navigation buttons to float the way you want? post it. want to know which plugin will get the job done? solicit the group. we joked about having some kind of reunion - I wasn't joking.

I didn't think twice before signing up for the boston blogshop class in december. after reading about all of Bri's other sessions I was excited for a live version of my web design class. while the photoshop skills are invaluable it wasn't the love-fest I had read about. our class never really gelled. we went around the room and introduced ourselves and then it was heads down for 2 days. I'd love to see what everyone's working on and how their blog or posts changed. I found one of the interns, erika dillon, on twitter that weekend and it's been really nice to see what she's got going on with her letterpress studio, foxtrot press and a creative group in providence, RI. (erika applied for the GG2WD scholarship - she didn't get it but I hope she's going to apply for the next class.)

the altitude design summit happened in january and I felt like I missed out on something big. truthfully, I wasn't ready but it's on my mental calendar for next year. I saw that they were going to offer virtual classes in february and march and I got excited - especially about the DSLR class with Justin Hackworth. I figured for $15/class, why not? my A to Z photo-a-day with the souvenir foto school in february was perfect, too. it got me thinking and really looking. I loved seeing everyone's photographs each day and the conversations that ensued. (PS: the april class was just announced - do it!)

I think that's one of the things I'm looking for most - conversations. conversations with like-minded people. with creators and makers and photographers and learners. sharing a common interest, offering support, feedback or guidance - all from varying backgrounds and geographies. I'm looking for the next class - any ideas?

photo: seat springs from the first chair I reupholstered last summer