getting crafty

 it's been awhile since I've made something. card art '11 doesn't really count and neither does the bag I'm knitting for a friend. I've also got an order for a necklace that I need to do. none of those things count. I'm talking about making something new. I will admit that having my studio coated with a layer of basement construction dust, on top of the existing mess, hasn't really helped with the creativity. in chicago last month I saw some handmade John Derian-esque decorative plates and I liked the idea. a lot. except these plates had quotes with girly, glittery paper backgrounds and I knew I could make something better. I also knew i needed graduation gifts x 50 for this spring and the wheels started turning. every graduate wants cash - which I have no problem doing - but I'd rather include something small and personal to mark the occasion. I've had a brooklyn limestone decoupage tutorial bookmarked in evernote for awhile so I pulled it up. (I consider myself an adhesive expert with plenty of decoupage under my craftyass belt but I needed the materials sources.) I ordered a few small glass plates and started 'sketching' in photoshop. I knew I needed masculine and feminine options. I wanted something decorative without being swirly or juvenile. I started researching clip art and backgrounds to be able to complete the entire graphic in photoshop rather then gluing layers of paper to the glass.

my glass plates arrived late last week so I set aside time sunday to give it a try and... I'm hooked. I had one 3.5" x 7.5" plate (the others are 3.5" x 5") so I used a skeleton key over a blown up section of a vintage french letter et voila - I have a fabulous place to toss my keys.

I promise to get more of a tutorial up once I get my 'graduation gift sweat shop' up and running but if you're interested in giving it a try on your own, check out this post. easy peasy.