thank you. thank you for all the kind words and retweets and shares yesterday. thank you for reading and following along.

I wrote from the heart about my experience but it turns out that it doesn't matter if you're married or single, stay at home or work, move around a lot or keep the same address. I learned yesterday that so many of us struggle with reclaiming or finding our identity. I reread my post yesterday and did some math (ugh, I know) but I figured out that when my mom went back to school and got her MBA, my siblings and I were roughly the same ages my children are now and my mom and I were about the same age. I mentioned it and she let me know, "going back to school was something I had to do for me". I was proud of her then - athough I didn't appreciate the time and energy she spent especially when I was stuck waiting to get picked up from school ;) - but I love that even more about her now.

I'm a mom but that's like saying I'm American. we're all different and unique (and tired) and made up of special, tiny parts. sometimes they're just dusty and we forget to make them shine. thank you for helping to make me shine.

we're in this hiatus between sports so our evenings are free and our weekends are light. hockey runs from september to march so it only happens in the spring for us. lacrosse and soccer will start up next week but until then I think fenway has the right idea - here's hoping you find a warm, sunny spot this weekend and relax