mullet removal, the story

we're fortunate that my sister-in-law is a hair dresser. really fortunate. 13 years ago she set me up with professional grade hair color and I've been spending roughly $35/yr to color my own hair. (shhh - let's keep that on the down low) I prefer to have her do it but we've lived out of state so long I taught myself how to do it. I can even give myself highlights. (nbd) since we've moved back my girls have benefited as well since I can't braid hair to save my life. my SIL does all kinds of braids, up-do's, and she'll curl or straighten. as a 'wash-n-go' kind of girl with short hair this high maintenance business is completely foreign to me. jack also wins. his team decided on 'mullet with racing stripes' when they made the state playoffs and the rest of the boys went to supercuts (or something similar) and got botched jobs. one kid went home and shaved himself bald it was so bad. fear not - bobbi jo made a trip to our house with her traveling scissors & buzzer.

when it was time to take it all off, we weren't taking any chances either and called in the expert

I wonder what it'll look like for prom and graduation...