no losers here

photo of lulu and her goalie, siobhan, by emily dukeman, superfan

the westwood high school girls' varsity team has ended their run for the state championship with a tough 3-2 semi-final loss to falmouth. the game could have gone either way. honestly, I don't think any of us could have handled an overtime or a shootout. to date, with a record of 16-6-1, this group of young women is the winningest westwood girls' hockey team. EVER. (footnote: while the 1995 team actually won the state tournament, they had only 2 wins the entire season. like, the second game they won was the state championship. not sure how that worked but kudos to them.)

we had a completely hockey-free, commitment-free sunday and took advantage of the extra daylight and warm weather. I did NOT get my studio cleaned out or start the decoupage process but I did finish knitting a bag and have started the felting. photos to come later this week.

all in all, a great weekend but enough about me - how was your weekend?