seeing red

a few shots from friday night's festivites

if you hadn't guessed, grand marnier was the brand and living 'la vie en rouge' was the theme. kudos to the the brand team who completely transformed a room in the resort for our hospitality suite (complete with red carpeting) as well signage, umbrellas and special drink menus at most of the restaurants in lionshead and vail village. it was pretty impressive. what's even more impressive was the chandelier created for the monte carlo casino night made entirely of the little red plastic orbs our drinks were served from all weekend.

obviously skiing was an option, which the mr. enjoyed, but I opted for some r & r. the altitude was a serious downer (pun intended) and I couldn't handle anything more than taking it easy - but it was exactly what I'd planned, just minus the fatigue, headaches and intermittent nausea. I enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather and read, met some really great people and did my best to blend in with the 'mountain chic' crowd. 'mountain chic' was the recommended attire. I understand business casual, semi-formal, black tie or just plain casual but this was a new one. FYI - it means nice/dressy jeans.