blind date recap

proof that we're kindred spirits - the top photo is mine, from IWD and the bottom photo is Claire's

Claire and I were part of the A to Z session of the souvenir foto school (or SFS) in february. of the 50+ photographers in our session, only 4 of us were from massachusetts and we initially connected that way. we gravitated towards the same photographers in our 'class' - offering feedback / comments on the same photos and generally had a similar 'eye'. as the 29 days came to an end, we had connected more outside of the group and both of us thought it would be fun to meet up in real life. we chose to get together after work on tuesday, april 3.

we met downtown yesterday for drinks and hit it off immediately. we sailed through 2 hours filling in all the little details about ourselves and our families, how we came to this place in our lives where we crave creativity and connections and talked about what might be next. our paths were different but our interests are very similar. it was effortless - as though we weren't meeting for the first time but catching up after not seeing each other since college. we're both signed up for this next session of SFS / creative captures 101 with Tristan and Michelle and we're planning to get together in real life on a regular basis. maybe we'll even hit brimfield together later this year...

there were some skeptics of this whole blind date but we risked it anyway - you know, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I survived and I'm one friend richer. put yourselves out there - go make friends!