can I still call him 'the boy'?

I know you're waiting for another snazzy NYC update but yesterday was a big day in our house - my son ('the boy') turned 18. <sigh> I've been paying attention and taking notes these 18 years but somehow it feels like it all happened overnight. he's a good kid, a kind  boy person with a great sense of humor and we got really lucky. I appreciate that we had something to do with how he's turning out but these kids come hard-wired. you're really just fiddling with the pieces and there's no manufacturer's warrantee or instruction manual to help you out. we started off with some birthday pancakes and Jack wanted the day marked quietly - I respect that. he's a meat and potatoes kind of guy so we headed into Boston to enjoy a family dinner with both sets of grandparents at Smith & Wollensky. I watched that kid polish off a 16 oz piece of meat and a baked potato that had to have been 2lbs (Abby's M&M's weighed more). he threatened to walk out of the restaurant if anyone with cake and a candle came near him so we headed back to Bob's parents' place after dinner.

all in all it was quiet, casual and really nice - just like Jack.