dinner avec ma famille in n. y. c.

(this really only works if you say each letter, one at a time. try it - my post titles rhyme)

... after a much needed respite, abby applied bandaids to a few blisters (note: abby says toms shoes are comfortable, just not "walk 2 miles in them fresh out of the box" comfortable) and armed with our matching bracelets, we headed to the upper east side to my aunt libby's place where she and my cousin megan were waiting. I saw them both when I was in town last december for my mom's big birthday but my girls hadn't seen libby since last july and hadn't seen megan since her sister's wedding in 2010. we ended up eating at fred's new york which is on the 7th floor of barneys new york on madison avenue. (am I the only one that thinks it's weird that Fred and Barney are together, like as in the Flintstones?) all I have to show for our evening together is a photograph of libby's doggie bag. seriously?? what was I thinking?

top left: magic bracelets | top right: libby's doggie bag for megan's actual doggie bottom: a collection of nice derrières

the girls and I headed back to the hotel late and crashed. we were full, a bit overwhelmed and tired but it was a 'good' tired. I originally thought about waiting in the TKTS line at 3:00p to see about a broadway show. it can be a 2-3 hour wait and that would've been a colossal waste of time. especially because if we had seen a show, we wouldn't have been able to meet up with libby and megan - I'm so glad we blew that off. besides, boston has some pretty great shows, too. even though we were ready for bed, NYC wasn't. fortunately, when you're on the 30th floor you can't hear any of what goes on below.

top left: lulu's photo of the hotel elevators | top right: abby, the voyeur | bottom: the city that never sleeps

up next - friday's fun...