new to me | new to you? (v2)

no - j. crew is not new to me but this awesome new iPad app called 'paper', by fiftythree, is new to me and it's free.**

I'm always sketching out my ideas on scraps of paper, the backs of receipts and in my notebook but it's with a pen or a pencil and never in color. I usually fill in all the details in the margins about the colors and patterns so I capture the idea the way I see it in my head but it's not really the same. my other problem is throwing out that receipt with the possible solution to my jewelry hardware dilemma because it got shuffled in with the recycling pile. or that 'scrap' with a new necklace idea happens to be drawn on the back of the yearbook order form that needs to be returned to school.

not any more! with this new app I can take what is so vivid in my imagination and translate it perfectly to 'paper' for whenever I get the urge (or the time) to bring it to life. I can share my drawings thru twitter, facebook, tumblr or email. I like taking screen shots because the image is actually larger like a photograph. you can keep separate 'notebooks' within the app and use your own photographs to 'cover' them. I highly recommend watching the video the developers made to get the full effect but check out my idea for a new felted bag (above.)

I've saved this j. crew catalog since june of 2011 because I LOVE the colors with the graphic black & white stripes. I've drawn this bag a dozen times in the last year but never started knitting. it just didn't look right when I went back to my notes. once I sketched it out in 'paper' this weekend, I knew exactly how it would turn out. I've already cast-on the black for the bottom. my only obstacle right now is finding just the right purple - not too dark, not too light, not too blue, not too pink - for the body of the bag. I have a couple options but not enough of one color. you'll be the first to know when I figure it out - stay tuned.

I'm a paper / snail mail kind of girl. I have favorite pencils that I won't share (I've been that way since jr high) and I can tell when someone's used my felt-tip pen. I'll always sketch the old-fashioned way but now I can flesh it out in my new app so I don't lose the genius idea.

PS - **you should know that while the app itself is free, it only comes with one 'pen'. there are 4 additional pens/pencil/brush available as an in-app purchase at $2 a piece but it's soooo worth it. the whole thing can be done using your finger but works really well with a stylus.

PPS - I have a couple suggestions for the creators of the paper app. one is MORE COLORS and I'm not the only one who'd like this, according to the feedback and forums. there aren't any primary colors, just a small selection of odd colors to blend. my other suggestion is the ability to chose different paper in your notebooks like lined notebook paper or graph paper. that being said, I'm very happy and I can't wait to see what else these guys come up with.