new to me | new to you? (v3)

how fun is this family portrait? I doctored it up in percolator - a new to me iphone app and for $1.99 I think it's pretty cool. I found it through photojojo's tumblr which I highly recommend you follow for news, reviews and tips. and check out the photojojo store for everything iphonography related. it's where I picked up my bottlecap tripod and wide angle iphone lens - remind me to show you some of those photos.

we spent yesterday afternoon in the north end and I desperately tried to get a group shot of us. we found this great reflective window on the outskirts of fanueil hall. no one was interested in participating so the actual shot isn't great. I ran it thru perfectly clear (uber simple and fixes everything) and brightened it up and then I gave it the instagram treatment for good measure but I think I love the percolator effect the most.

left: ho-hum photo | right: instagrammed

PS - look closely at the top photo. did you see the seagrass studio watermark in the lower left corner? that's a new to me app, too. it's called impression and you can choose from dozens of fonts, change the color, size and orientation and voila!

PPS - did you get your taxes done on time? then here's an internet hi-five with Paul Revere. know what's even better? a percolated internet hi-five with Paul Revere!