n. y. c. avec mes filles

our sidewalk shadows outside the frick collection

this was one of the best ideas I've had in a long time. (technically, it was les filles' idea but I put it into action) we cashed in some of Bob's hotel points and stayed in times square so we could be at the epicenter of activity. somehow the weather played along - it was a gorgeous, 70's & sunny with a light breeze each day. we hoofed it everywhere, with one short stint on the subway, and cabbed it at night or to cover more than 30 blocks. we easily covered 3-4 miles each day, with blisters to prove it, but not one complaint. the girls were also good sports as I took 300+ photos - but foolishly none of my aunt or cousin and only a sketchy one of my friend Jennifer.

48 hours in nyc with no real agenda. we each had a few things we wanted to do or see and we did our best to check them all off. should we have visited the statue of liberty? probably. would they have enjoyed a broadway show? definitely. we'll do those things another time and likely with the whole family. these few days were meant to take in the (pop)culture and style of the big apple - things two teenagers are really interested in. I'm hoping to fit it all into 3-4 posts this week so the girls have a digital scrapbook of sorts - you're welcome to read along. I think I'll stick to a chronological story-telling and here's where it all started:

top: abby took this as our train approached | bottom: the girls conserving energy
the view as we approached the city taken with my wide-angle iPhone lens