pardon me

her: <pffft> him: did you just fart? ... crickets ...

it's april break here and we're all enjoying the low key week. the men are making their own fun later on as the girls and I are headed to the big apple for a few days at the end of the week. we're creating a 'top 10' list of things we'd like to do and see in hopes of enjoying a stress-free visit. based on the impromptu field trip abby and I had back in december, it seems like the best way to un-plan a visit.

there is one thing that we've scheduled - a dinner with my dear friend Jennifer. (from my personal board of advisors) the girls haven't seen Jennifer since she and my other dear friend Emily came out to chicago for a long weekend in 2004. way back in 2002 they came to visit us in connecticut and Jennifer brought her dog Maggie and they ask about them all the time. my friends are so great it only took 2 short visits for my kids to figure out what I learned early on in college - these ladies are kickass and I'm better for having them in my life. I can't wait to see what happens when we all get together - I'll be sure to recap the fun.