20 years...

I can't believe Bob and I were married 20 years ago today. the day itself is kind of a blur but I have these things etched in my memory:

  • it was Derby Day and there were HUGE thunderstorms all night.
  • Bob and his family showed up at the church so early they sat thru the 4:00p mass which made for a very long and holy day
  • our priest looked EXACTLY like william kennedy smith. we were his first ever marriage ceremony and he forgot to say "you may now kiss your bride"
  • our soloist was a phenomenal alto-tenor. singing was his hobby - his day job was a toll booth collector on the mass pike
  • my paternal grandfather, the reverend, gave a 'charge' at the end of our service that had the church in tears
  • on our 15 minute ride into boston for the reception our limo was side-swiped and we were stopped on storrow drive for at least 30 minutes with the police
  • my (then) 22 year old brother gave a toast that he spent memorizing the whole morning while locked in the bathroom at my parents - a complete passage from Homer's 'The Odyssey" - who does that?! it was awesome
  • my maternal grandmother danced with a rose in her teeth
  • it took 12 hours to get to bermuda the next day because our flight was canceled - it's a 2 hour flight from boston. eventually we went thru nyc with a 6 hour layover
  • my dad had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries sent to our hotel room when we finally got there

it feels like only 5 years and we're still those young, fresh-faced kids except now we have babies and it all seems to be rushing past in a blur. I think the last 20 years could be summed up like my wedding day: nothing ever goes as planned, the hiccups make things more memorable and the highlights that much brighter. family is everything and a sense of humor is essential.

my plan today is to celebrate with Bob while incorporating the kids' short school day, volleyball practice, lacrosse practice and a hockey team meeting and it seems right to end the day with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.