you may remember a few weeks ago when jack turned 18 we celebrated quietly. lulu turned 16 last week and she couldn't be more different than jack - just as funny and equally kind but desperately wanted cake, candles AND singing - a real celebration. here's how we celebrated: on the day of her birthday, lulu was first in line at the RMV and earned her learner's permit (yikes). that afternoon, the girls and I went and got our nails done - something I NEVER do since I can't go 30 minutes before I ruin it but I figured, what the heck. that night we had bob's family over for dinner and celebrated with a cake and a firepit. a nice, quiet family celebration. what could be better?

a moonwalk, that's what. it's kind of a long story but we had planned a surprise dinner with 11 of her friends for saturday afternoon but it fell apart thursday night when lulu freaked out that she was living her own version of the movie 'sixteen candles'. rather than have a miserable 16 year old we fessed up and let her in on the surprise. while relieved we weren't forgetting about her, she was crushed that she had 'ruined' her own surprise. cue bob - he made a quick call to the local rental place and lined up a 30 foot long bounce house to show up saturday morning while the girls and I were at soccer. she was completely surprised when we pulled up the driveway and this behemoth was sitting in the backyard. even better? we had this thing ALL WEEKEND LONG!

we took the gang of teenagers in to dick's last resort for some rude fun and brought the kids back for a firepit and some bouncing. pro tip: we were seated by 4:30 and out of there by 6:30 and I highly recommend getting in and out of there before 7:00p. as we were headed out two bachelorette parties were gearing up complete with tacky veils, phallic toys and lewd behavior.

a birthday and mother's day rolled into one great weekend (get it? we had to roll up the bounce house...) hope yours was just as nice.