my j.crew shopper

I should post these pics before it gets too warm to carry around a hand knit, felted wool tote bag. I think there's a temperature breaking point when just looking at wool makes you sweat.** we're not there just yet so here goes:

the before:

  • I knit this at 1 soccer game, 2 lacrosse games and on my BOS / NYC roundtrip train ride
  • it's made entirely of cascade yarn (I usually mix brands - it all depends on the color)
  • 1 black skein and 1 purple skein, part of a white skein and the orange was left-over yarn
  • 155 stitches were cast onto size 10 circular needles
  • the black & white stripes are 6 rows each - roughly 1.5"
  • size: 24"h x 14"w with 21" long handles (an 11" drop)

the after:

  • I was happy with the result after 3 washes (in my front-loading machine)
  • shaped and dried on a cereal box overnight
  • now measures: 12"h x 10.5"w with 14" long handles (a 6.5" drop)

post-production notes: I was hoping for a wider, shorter bag but I realized on the way to NYC that I cast on too few stitches. I was too far along and I was not going to undo my work. I knew I couldn't make the bottom of the bag as big as I wanted because the bag is so narrow - so, it is what it is. I also searched high and low for the right purple and while I love this color, I couldn't find the same purple as the j crew catalog cover. I have more of the yarn and might try my hand at another version (thinner stripes, more purple, wider, etc) but... up next in the knitting queue is a bag inspired by this fabulous rothko painting that's circulating around pinterest

** my sister kindly reminded me that I need a new profile photo. the one in the sidebar is from february. I'm wearing one of my hand knit cowls and she said looking at it makes her itch. I don't want people not interested in my musings because they're feeling itchy and sweaty while reading. I'll try to take care of that this week. besides, my hair is WAY longer - it (mostly) fits in a ponytail now.

PS - if more than 2 people ask, I'll try to dig up what color green my dining room walls are painted.