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in addition to learning about pricing/value, I'm making sure to learn about social media best practices and SEO (search engine optimization) to help grow seagrass studio - get more customers, if you will. there are a gazillion posts/blogs/articles out there on the many ways in which social media can increase traffic and solidify your brand (I like this quick list) but putting yourself out there in all that social media is an actual job in itself. no really - brands hire people to handle this job specifically (sometimes called 'community manager'). it's just me over here and I'm already wearing lots of hats. no one in my house appreciates it when I've got my head down looking at my phone or computer any more than I already do so if there's a shortcut, I'm all for it. problem solved! if this, then that. it. is. AWESOME. you choose your 'channel' (facebook, instagram, dropbox, evernote, etc) and create a recipe, or action, which then turns into a task that ifttt takes care of. here's an example - I put links to new blog posts on facebook but I should also tweet the link. I created a recipe: "if seagrass studio posts a link on facebook page then post URL to @seagrassstudio twitter" TA DAH! how easy is that?!

or this one - right now I have instagram linked to @seagrassstudio but sometimes I like to tweet out photos on my personal twitter - instagram only lets you link one twitter account. I created the recipe "if instagram photo is tagged with #ecs then tweet to @elizabethswartz" (I've got another recipe where I have all instagrams sent to my dropbox account so I can easily access them for posts, etc instead of emailing them off my phone.)

it's like I just hired my own personal brand manager - FOR FREE. check out all the recipes on ifttt - use one of theirs or create your own! the possibilities are endless with over 40 channels and limited only by your imagination.

UPDATE: ifttt doesn't let you link two of any channel (I have the two twitter accounts) but it's a request they're working on.

top image created using free notebook paper texture from fuzzimo - be sure to check out all the other great free stuff
**disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on social media, just an enthusiast