prom 2012

in all my excitement yesterday, I never posted prom pictures as promised. I'll let the photos speak for themselves -

jack's known courtney since freshman year. she's a sweetheart, a good friend and a hockey teammate of lulu's - she's a goalie, too! most of the girls run track together. I'm not sure what pose they're working but overall the dresses were gorgeous - tasteful with simple silhouettes.  a few of the guys are jack's hockey teammates - hamming it up for the camera, of course, and coordinated ties, cumberbuns and even dress shirts with their dates' dresses. and how cute is that mass maritime cadet in his uniform?

this marked the 4th landmark event in our lives in 4 straight weeks - turning 18, 20th wedding anniversary, sweet 16 and prom. it will culminate with the boy's graduation in two weeks time and I'm not sure I can handle another 'big deal'. speaking of which, I need to get cracking on my decoupage sweat shop.