recent doings

according to instagram, this is what I've been working on in the studio:

  1. my friend claire suggested a navy and gold leaf combination for a bib necklace after seeing my neon version. instagram made this navy look lighter than it really is - think dark like a garbage bag but blue
  2. ta dah! (this is closer to the real life color) it's STUNNING. I'm just waiting on the findings to string it all together. it's called 'the claire' - clever, no?
  3. here's the j crew-inspired, hand knit and felted tote bag I was working on in april. it's gorgeous and I'll get more details to you in a separate post
  4. I ordered more flat disc beads on etsy and this is proof that my eyeball measuring isn't really accurate. the bottom disc is 30mm and I thought my brimfield beads were 20mm so I ordered a bunch (like, a LOT). the new discs arrived yesterday and guess what? they're 20mm. turns out the brimfield beads are 25mm - now you know (and so do I)

what about you - what are you working on? anyone gardening? I really need to put something in our planters - they're pretty sad and empty.