friday's fancies

I thought I'd join in on the fun with {av} on long distance loving and her friday's fancies. {av} is one half of the force behind the boston blogger group and I made to sure to introduce myself at the meet and greet earlier this month. I recently took advantage of her 'polish your blog' service and really appreciated the extra set of eyes and her constructive advice so expect to see some tweaks here and there. one of her suggestions was to join a link-up as a way of finding my 'posting groove'. and so, without further ado I give you my take on 'beachy chic':

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven

the photo above has been floating around pinterest and, to me, conveys the ultimate in seashore leisure. we're headed to the beach next week and I can assure you I will look nothing like this woman and her quiet, contemplative self - I've got the straw hat & shades going for me but haven't quite mastered the rest of the 'beachy chic' package.

but this is the internet and anything's possible so here's the line-up:

  • one: the hat. I'd love to add this to my collection - I try my hardest to keep those freckles at bay
  • two: these cheapies are a great mix of jackie-o and tortoise shell. (truth: paying more than $20 for sunglasses ensures I will lose or damage them within 2 days of purchase)
  • three: this jcrew suit is sharp and I love the vintage feel with the skirted bottom #WWDDW
  • four: let's ignore the price tag on this and pretend it's a casual cover-up that can go from the beach to the bar
  • five: how cute is this tshirt?
  • six: just shake the sand out of this straw tote when you leave the beach
  • seven: metallic jack rogers wedge sandals. yes please.