gifts for grads & dads

as promised, I'm posting photos of the little decoupage plates I've been gifting to recent graduates. a little something to mark the occasion, a few isms of wisdom and a nice looking desk accessory for the future dorm room. thank you, john derian, for the inspiration.

the process was easy and I followed these directions from brooklyn limestone. the 3.5" x 5" plates are from behrenberg glass (these are 'seconds' and I can't tell them apart from the 'firsts' I ordered) and I created the graphics in photoshop. each background is made up of one of my photographs, or a free texture / graphic and I layered the wording on top. on one, flecks from my gold leafing made their way into the mod podge and I stuck the paper down before I realized but I liked the way it looked so I added it to a few others.

a few pointers: make the image slightly smaller than the plate - it prevents the corners and edges from peeling back. also, choose a paint that coordinates with your image because that's the thin line you'll see around the edge. lastly, I highly recommend waiting until each layer of glue/paint dries completely before moving on and don't water down the mod podge.

once the mod podge was dry, I painted the backs, added felt and my signature snarky sticker. I tried to create masculine and feminine designs and even some gender neutral to have on hand as back up gifts. I've got some father's day ideas brewing and how great would these be as teacher gifts?

footnotes: the push pins in the top photo are from ballard designs from years ago but they have these cute ones now. the bottom abraham lincoln quote background is actually an instagram of the ceiling in the new haven, ct train station and the "sequins" were created using a photoshop brush from pugly pixel. (she's awesome) the backgrounds in the top & bottom left plates are actually scrapbook paper that I photographed. the other elements are from the very generous (read: free) graphics fairy.