graduation gifts - the isms

I've been working on my graduation gifts this week and thought I'd share part of the process with you. I don't want to give away the whole thing just yet since some of these gifts have yet to be gifted. above are some of the "isms" I've used on the little plates. I've come across some real gems and thought these recent high school grads could use a little something in their dorm room next year - a gentle reminder and a place to keep their keys. a two-fer if you will.

a little back-story: I've been stockpiling sayings and quotes for awhile now for when I send an expense reimbursement check out to a co-worker. he's young, single (and taken) and living away from home. instead of just sending off the check I include a little bit of wisdom  - kinda like a fortune cookie - and it all started with a simple 'don't spend it all in one place'

I created the text in photoshop (learning illustrator is on my craftyass TO DO list) and then positioned them over an artwork or photograph layer. I printed each design out, decoupaged the plate, painted the backside, added a felt backing and voila! after this weekend, once the grads have their gifts in their hot little hands I'll show you the finished product.

PS - this gift would work really well for father's day... PPS - here's a handy how-to for the circular text graphic in PSE (but worked in my PS5, too)