out on a school night

last night was my first ever 'blogger' event. alison of {long distance loving} and katy of modlychic put on a great shindig at anthem kitchen in faneuil hall last night. it was a chance to meet likeminded people in real life - which doesn't happen too often these days - and a chance to practice putting myself out there. I was a little nervous and I didn't have a great answer to the popular question "what do you blog about?" but it turns out there are a few other people who aren't so easily defined either. <phew>

I'm really lousy at experiencing events AND simultaneously tweeting/instagramming and apparently I'm not so good at working a room - I stood in one spot the whole time so I missed out on meeting a bunch of people but the girls I did get a chance to talk to were great. kelly of gets me every time was one person I set my sights on before I even got there. I met kelly on twitter thru my very funny virtual friend becky (from my girls guide to web design class). I had katy take this photo (above) so we could bug becky about when her new site design was going to be unveiled - still waiting...

kelly has a really cute etsy shop where she sells toyidermy (um, how clever is that?) and it was interesting to hear her experiences on etsy since I was largely so unsuccessful there.

I collected some cute business cards and now have new blogs to follow - I'll make a little round up of the other ladies I met so you can check them out, too - but in the meantime, go out there and meet people. just do it!

top photo: super hosts alison & katy | bottom photo: cute new blogger friends! (photos by katy)