#photoadayjune - 12 thru 19

#photoadayjune 12 thru 15 I was keeping up until this weekend. not sure how it happened and I can't even blame tricky prompts like #12 'from a low angle' - that one stumped me until bedtime that day. I am all caught up now and I've loved seeing everyone's photos.

  • day 12 / from a low angle: this is one of my pottery barn kitchen pendants
  • day 13 / art: this is a crayon portrait of me that lulu made when she was 4 and it's a treasured piece. I even had it made into a sterling silver pin for my mother that christmas. I wish I could remember the name of the silversmith.
  • day 14 / time: this clock was a high school graduation gift from my grandmother and it's the only alarm I've ever used
  • day 15 / yellow: my hand painted bead sitting in a hand painted bowl

my friend claire had a great shot of the ceiling in grand central for day 13 and on day 14 my friend susan took a picture of thyme, the herb - so clever!

#photoadayjune 16 thru 19

on saturday my #photoadayjune levels started waning - I blame the mall. days 17 and 18 were actually taken on day 19 but who's counting?

  • day 16 / out and about: I wanted to be anywhere but the mall. especially hollister.
  • day 17 / in your bag: my gigantic orange gap bag that I love
  • day 18 / something we don't know about you: I heat my seat every. single. day.
  • day 19 / imperfect: I could've spent a week with this great prompt

there you have it - all caught up. as always, leave your instagram handle in the comments. I'd love to see what you see!