#photoadayjune - 20 thru 23

#photoadayjune 20 thru 23

as far as my roundups go, this has to be my favorite so far. the colors , the feeling, the composition - these four shots look like they belong together.

  • day 20 / fave photo you've ever taken**: this is an impossible choice to make. I think the idea was 'fave instagram' but I took much better photos back when I was using film. this is a shot of my three kids and my sister's two skipping along the boardwalk near my parents' from july 2005. every summer I've taken portraits of all the kids and the actual process of posing and behaving never goes well - these candids are always worth the wrestling.
  • day 21 / where you slept: as I've said before, fenway is under the covers every night and usually when bob gets up, she bolts hoping for food but on this day, her sixth birthday, she slept in.
  • day 22 / from a high angle: the girls and I headed to my parents' on friday to beat the heat while bob took jack to NC to register for his fall classes. even at the shore it was 95*
  • day 23 / movement: I don't condone shooting while driving but I risked it on our sleepy street. I also don't use the HDR setting on my phone because of the strange results if anything moves. I thought this would make for a neat effect so I turned it on but I didn't expect this. I added the boost in instagram and voila - watery, streaky green movement.

it's hard to believe there are only 7 more days in june. I think I'll participate in the #photoadayjuly round but maybe not so diligently especially since we'll be traveling for part of the month. we'll see...

** - I should have used the hashtag #latergram for this shot. it's when you use a DSLR (or in this case SLR) and upload to instagram to use the effects. I didn't use a filter on this shot but wanted it in the #photoadayjune pool. if you have any hashtag questions, this site is a good place to start.