#photoadayjune - 6 thru 11

photoadayjune here we are, almost two weeks in to #photoadayjune - how's it going? the beauty of this is that there's no real commitment. so if you tend to forget or can't think of anything - no big deal. it's just a little creative push and I love checking the instagram feed with this hashtag. I'm @elizabethswartz if you want to check it out

as always, a few facts:

  • day 6 / hat: this is my collection. I've had the one on the very bottom since 1986
  • day 7 / drink: I met claire before the #bostonblogger event and it was great, as usual
  • day 8 / 6 o'clock: a screen shot of my phone. not as creative as I would've liked
  • day 9 / your view: I spent the better part of saturday in a rink but we had lunch by the ocean and it was gorgeous
  • day 10 / best bit of your weekend: lots of highlights but sitting with the sunday crossword was great. it's been ages since I actually gave it a try.
  • day 11 / door: this is fenway at her best. soaking up the sun and policing the birds
not new to me but might be new to you: the three photo shot for day #9 was done with the app called diptic. it's super easy with a multitude of layouts - give it a try