summer has officially begun...

and that means making plans. here's what on my craftyass calendar this summer: reading & relaxing at the beach

we're fortunate to be close to some pretty great beaches but the best one is about an hour from us - my parents' place. we all converge for the week of july fourth but I'm really hoping to make the drive more often. it gets tricky with work and the kids' sports but I'm going to make an effort to get my toes in the sand more. that and read. I love to read but I prefer to read large chunks in one sitting which doesn't really happen at home. that's why I love traveling - a built in excuse to plow through 100, 200 or 500 pages at time. and now that I broke down and got a kindle I'm all set. sad truth? a couple years ago we went to florida for a week and I actually shipped ahead four books. I finished my five and borrowed two more from the "have a book? leave a book / need a book? take a book" shelf in the condo lobby. I think the only problem I have with the kindle is when asked what I'm reading I can't look at the cover to figure it out.

fourth of july fireworks

I mean this literally and figuratively. I'm looking forward to a kickass fourth of july show this summer and something tells me this year will be the best yet. but this is also about picking my head up (from my kindle) and taking note of the big deals and the little things. we've got a few big deals this summer - like the hockey showcase tournament lulu was selected to play in and jack leaving for college - I plan to celebrate every chance I get.

travel & adventures

in addition to the adventure of our first-ever college drop-off, we've got a family trip to costa rica planned (recommendations please!) and I'm really looking forward to some adventure. truth? not really. I love the idea of adventure but in reality I'm a superb seat-saver, bag-watcher, place-in-line-holder and documenter of said adventures. this summer I'm going to get a little dirty, get my adrenaline pumping AND take pictures. it'll be good for me. (right?)

and lastly...

I'm headed to Alt Summit in NYC at the end of august - a little birthday treat for me and I'm already getting nervous. tickets sold out in only four hours but there are still tickets for the party that night. anyone else going?

all right - let's hear 'em. what are your plans this summer?