the deirdre necklace, a story

I know I promised you photos of my newest necklace design but instead... I have a little back story. trust me, it'll make more sense a few years ago, I realized the one necklace I hadn't yet made was something I could wear when dressing up for a special occasion. 'evening wear' if you will. I found a variety of benjamin moore and pratt & lambert paints in gorgeous taupe/cement/grey tones (ie: greige) and tried silver leafing different patterns on the beads to add some drama but the silver leaf didn't work with the shades I fell in love with - too shiny - so I tried a metallic craft paint* instead for the designs and I knew I had a winner. behold the 'deirdre' necklace**

hand painted 'deirdre' necklace

I have no idea why I look startled in that photo when in fact I looked, and felt, fabulous. the dress is from banana republic, circa 2007 - a bronze, silk, short sleeve number that I wear alone or with jeans. it's awesome. as you can see, the deirdre necklace takes on whatever properties you're wearing it with - something light? it'll look more grey. something grey? it'll look more silver. something dark? it'll look more taupe. no matter what you're wearing the metallic 'champage gold' adds just enough shine. I'm wearing a double strand but the single strand is just as stunning. the top right photo is the double plus a single stacked - you know, more is more. and check out the clustered deirdre with sterling silver bead caps...

hand painted 'deirdre' cluster necklace

I love this necklace but I'd like something in a lighter palette for summer. I'll let you know tomorrow what I'm thinking for the newest bib necklace design - metallic for sure, something neutral with a hint of pink.

* decoart 'dazzling metallics' craft paint in 'champagne gold' = genius color. it's not silver or gold or bronze, just metallic.

** I name each of my designs after the person who inspires the palette or wears it first. my mother was the first to love this but she already has a necklace named for her. it wasn't until I sold it a short time later that I was able to officially name it 'deirdre'.