the libby necklace, a story

color inspiration for the libby necklace

top left: my new, absolute favorite artwork by mincingmockingbird on etsy / top right: seagrass inspiration middle: I hand painted the grass for my logo / bottom left: the original libby necklace / bottom right: a libby cluster necklace

technically, the libby design was the second necklace I ever designed and while my mother was the first to admire, my aunt libby was the first to purchase. (this namesake business gets tricky) if I was forced to name a favorite color, it would be green but don't ask me to narrow it to a specific shade or hue. these colors surround my parents' house in the ocean views, a lush marsh and seagrass lined beaches and will always remind me of summer.

I wanted to translate the libby palette to the new bib style necklace and spent this past weekend getting the combination just right. I'm undecided if I'll list it or keep it for myself but I did put an original libby and a libby cluster necklace in the shop - come and get 'em!