the 'new' deirdre necklace?

metallic & neutral

here's what I'm thinking for a new deirdre necklace - a lighter palette, maybe blush pink or a paler shade of greige and I still want the sparkle. I tried several options with my three different sizes disc beads but in the end, I think I like the smallest, dime-sized discs the best - like the paillettes on the stella mccartney dress . I can't decide if I want 3 strands or 2 - something tells me 3 will be pretty special.

it's not there yet. I'm close but I have a feeling there'll be a few more revisions before I'm wearing it. I have a little social thing this thursday evening with bob and it's going to be 90+ degrees so something light and airy would be perfect. stay tuned...

PS - I'm really interested in giving accurate credit but this polyvore system has its kinks. I cleaned up the links below as best I could. not all went to the correct source and some even pointed to wonky pinterest pins. thanks for your patience!