appetizer or entree?


a little backstory: a few months ago I cleaned up my ridonkulous collection of magazine tear sheets from the last two decades. (well, mostly cleaned up.) the easiest collection to toss? all the recipes I'd been saving. like a LOT of recipes - a 6" high stack of elaborate, professional hostess level, gourmet recipes. you should know that I don't cook. (see also: I don't like to cook)

I have a limited repertoire of meals I make and some are fancier than others (fancy = entree AND salad) but for the most part they're just simple, standard-issue american eats that I know everyone in my house is getting really tired of. it's a blessing that all my kids play ice hockey because for 3/4 of the year we're only home 2 or 3 nights a week so we take-out or eat-out the other nights. maybe I was saving all those recipes in hopes that I would grow into someone who likes to cook - like my sister. she makes it look easy and she's really good.

try feeding 16 people. my sister kate and my mother pull it off every year for our week-long extended family vacation. this summer, kate brought this issue of gourmet magazine and we ate like kings. appetizers, entrees, salads, desserts - you name it but my favorite were the stuffed squash blossoms Kate made as an appetizer one night. yes, hors d'oeuvre.

the magazine claims 30 minutes start-to-finish but kate says it's longer. the gentleman/chef we spoke with at sid wainer's when we bought them said that your stuffing must be at room temperature because the blossoms are so delicate. Kate made the ricotta mixture in advance and let it sit for awhile. beyond that, it appears to be pretty straight forward.

would I attempt to make these at home? probably but it's all you'll be served. I'm pretty inept at making more than one dish at a time. that's OK because I would eat these as a meal, with a side of tomato sauce for dipping and be completely satisfied. warm and gooey inside with a slightly crispy outside. a little sweet and a little savory all in the same bite.

pardon the crappy iphonography but I don't have it in me to write this all out and I can't find a link online to the recipe. shoot me an email if you can't read it and I'll get it to you. xoxo