friday's fancies

while {av} of long distance loving is on her european tour this week, I thought I'd put together my perfect travel outfit for friday's fancies in honor of our upcoming family vacation.

while I can't deny yoga pants and hoodies are a comfortable way to travel, I'd rather not look like I just came from the gym. especially since everybody who knows me knows I don't go to the gym. seriously though - it all starts with comfy workout clothes and then how long before you're wearing an embellished velour tracksuit with the word 'juicy' stamped across your ass? if I've taught my girls anything, it's that no matter how cute your ass is, it is not available for free ad space. also, glitter is not your friend.

so... whether my flight is 2 hours or 12, I like to travel in style. I also want to get through the TSA security portion as quickly as possible so I keep accessories to a bare minimum and wear easy shoes. (pro tip: avoid getting in line behind people wearing lace-up shoes, things with buckles/zippers or an armada of bracelets - they'll slow you down every time.) all that said, there's no reason you can't look and feel great when you travel.

  • one: this dress is long enough to keep you warm, light enough not heat you up and it's the right color in case the kid sitting next to you (in this case, my own) touches you with their grimy hands
  • two: this madewell crossbody bag keeps your hands free and is big enough to stash your ipad and passport
  • three: while the sandals on this girl are cute, I prefer to wear closed-toe shoes while flying. these soludos espadrilles are comfortable enough for the flight, sightseeing or even the beach

with this new maxi skirt/dress trend there are unlimited options for super easy travel/touring clothes that can take you from the airport gate to the dinner date (sorry - it's been awhile since I rhymed).

safe travels {av}!!