#photoadayjuly - 1 thru 4

july is off to a great start and #photoadayjuly is super easy when you're vacationing with family, toasting sunsets and celebrating with fireworks. lulu is joining me on this round of photoaday - @lulu10511 (check out her stunning day two shot)

here's the 411:

  • one / self portrait: this is me, under cover (literally) at the beach. I like the effect of this filter (can't remember which one) but the finished image is always really small when you look at doing something else with it.
  • two / busy: this is my nephew andrew taking fenway for a walk (drag)
  • three / best part of your day: the 'golden hour' here never disappoints
  • four / fun: hoodsies are an east coast thing and they're the reward at the end of our fourth of july parade